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Perfect Leader! Passion Wins

Simone Janson
pubblicato da Best of HR -®

Prezzo online:

This is what this book brings you: You support climate protection, quickly receive compact information and checklists from experts (overview and press comments in the book preview) as well as advice that has been tested in practice, which also leads to success step by step thanks to AddOn.

Because what does the Perfect Leader of the future look like in a world in which the understanding of leadership is just changing fundamentally? More agile, more flexible, fewer hierarchies. But what it really comes down to is passion. If you inspire and excite your employees as a boss, you can forget about all the hard-won motivation tools. Another important aspect is diversity in mixed leadership teams. Excellent personnel management and development also has a lot to do with psychology. The boss acts as something between a rule giver, an organizer and an animator, always listening to his or her employees but also guiding them. And this balancing act simply succeeds better when the mixed duo at the top of management covers completely different positions, attitudes and competencies. Only equipped with these skills is the leadership also perfectly positioned for a future in which they must react flexibly to changes and crisis situations at all times. But only in this way can productive, fruitful leadership emerge at all. This book shows what matters. Good luck and have fun reading.

We give you the best possible help on the topics of career, finance, management, personnel work and life assistance. For this purpose, we gather in each book the best experts in their field as authors - detailed biographies in the book - , who give a comprehensive overview of the topic and additionally offer you success planner workbooks in printed form.

Our guidebooks are aimed primarily at beginners. Readers who are looking for more in-depth information can get it for free as an add-on with individual content in German and English as desired. This concept is made possible by a particularly efficient, innovative digital process and Deep Learning, AI systems that use neural networks in translation.

Moreover, we give at least 5 percent of our proceeds from book sales to social and sustainable projects. For example, we endow scholarships or support innovative ideas as well as climate protection initiatives and in some cases also receive government funding for this. With our translations from German into English we improve the quality of neural machine learning and thus contribute to international understanding. You can find out more on the website of our Berufebilder Yourweb Institute.

Publisher Simone Janson is also a bestselling author and was one of the 20 most important German bloggers as well as columnist and author of renowned media such as WELT, Wirtschaftswoche or ZEIT - more about her in Wikipedia.


Generi Economia Diritto e Lavoro » Economia » Economia, commercio e finanza internazionale » Management » Impresa: responsabilità e corporate governance » Tecniche di management

Editore Best Of Hr -®

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 09/04/2021

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9783965963719

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Perfect Leader! Passion Wins

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