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Pets by Royal Appointment

Brian Hoey
pubblicato da Biteback Publishing

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The royal family say they can do without many things, but not their animals. Countless monarchs and their consorts have relied on dogs, cats, horses and even the occasional parrot to act as their constant, faithful companions, unquestioning allies and surrogate children.

With intimate anecdotes and fascinating detail, royal author Brian Hoey describes the mini palaces provided for the Queen's pampered corgis, Princess Anne's badly behaved bull terriers and the wild animals - including crocodiles, hippos and an elephant - presented to princes and princesses.

Exploring a seemingly eternal regal passion for all things canine and equine, Hoey also turns his attentions to the modern royal family's love of animals, celebrating the latest arrivals to both William's and Harry's new households.

From the corgi dynasty to the Jack Russells rescued from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Pets By Royal Appointment presents a very British family besotted with all creatures great and small.

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Pets by Royal Appointment

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