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Picking Up The Pieces relates the accidental election of Donald John Trump in 2016. Everyone knew Candidate Trump would lose to Hillary Clinton. The pundits all agreed that Trump had 'no path to victory'. Democrats erected a Blue Wall in the Mid-West that would keep the Vandals from the Capital. Even Donald Trump believed in his heart that he would lose, and to a woman at that. The narcissist had to prepare an excuse for the expected loss. As the date for the Election neared, he complained that, "The System Is Rigged". Once elected, he was virtually paralyzed by his incompetence and lack of transition planning. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Transition Director, had recruited no one for the hundreds of government posts that needed to be filled, because he knew that Trump would lose.
Candidate Trump and President Trump have committed so many egregious acts against the Rule of Law that the Nation is desensitized to the enormity of his offenses by the very number and frequency of his transgressions. That forty percent, or more, of the American People apparently are willing to give the President a second chance at corruption shows how easy it is for the abnormal to pass for normal. To confirm the transition to the surreal, the White House is doing Opposition Research on Dr. Anthony Fauci, because he cautions against unguarded opening of the economy. The Last Monument the American People must topple after Trump is the anti-democratic State Elector System that was designed to perpetuate Slavery and Rural Domination over Presidential Elections.


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Editore Paul Covell

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 14/07/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781005105037

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Picking Up The Pieces

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