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Are you a mum, dad or carer of a young baby? Are you frazzled, sleep-deprived, but desperate to make every moment with your baby count? Perhaps you'd love to visit a baby club, but can't. Don't worry - let the baby club come to you. Play & Learn with your Baby is packed with bite-sized activities that you can both enjoy - explore everyday objects, have fun singing and telling stories, then mellow out.

The book reveals the psychology and child development theory that underpins every activity, and shows you how to apply those principles to almost everything you do with your baby - nappy time, bath time, to calm and soothe, in the park, at the cafe, and on the bus.

Bringing discovery, exploration, songs and stories to your daily activities with your young baby sounds simple, but is in fact transformative for your baby's developing cognitive function, language and communication skills, motor skills, emotional and social development, and more. This book tells you why and shows you how.

With Play & Learn with your Baby, everyone is invited to the baby club - anytime, anywhere. What are you waiting for?

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Play and Learn With Your Baby

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