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A Plea for the Constitution (Illustrated)

Jeremy Bentham - Timeless Books: Editor
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The book has an active table of contents for easy access to each chapter.

Jeremy Bentham was a British philosopher, jurist, social reformer and the founder of modern utilitarianism. He is in the row with the greatest thinkers Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill, John Keynes, John Locke, and Alfred Marshall.  Their thoughts had strong influence on building the foundation of the United States and its endeavor of open society.

Jeremy Bentham invented the axiom of the greatest happiness of the greatest number. His writings emphasised the pursuit of happiness and freedom and became popular in the new republics of America and the other counties.

Jeremy Bentham published A Plea for the Constitution in 1803. Bentham argued the abandonment of convict transportation to penal colonies in Australia and advocated building Panopticon. Panopticon was a design for a prison building out of Bentham's proposals for legal and social reform. He invested sixteen years of his life developing and refining the design of the building.  He declared in the book that British penal policy was ineffectual and turned to its constitutional implications for the free civilians who also lived in New South Wales. He believed that the protection and governance being applied to subjects in England could be practiced to those same subjects overseas except for the non-UK territory. If free settlers in Australia were denied jury trials, the liberty promised by Magna Carta was unconstitutionally undermined.

Jeremy Bentham's work produced great influence on utilitarianism, philosophy, jurist, and economics. His view became widely recognised as the foremost philosophical voice of political radicalism and his influence has been felt in nearly every field of the humanities and social sciences.

This book is one of the most important ones about universal law and its practice by Jeremy Bentham, one of the greatest thinkers of modern economics and philosophy on the planet.


Generi Economia Diritto e Lavoro » Economia » Macroeconomia ed economia monetaria » Filosofia e teoria dell'economia


Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 04/06/2015

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230000468299

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A Plea for the Constitution (Illustrated)

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