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Where is artificial intelligence, when we desperately need it? During the Covid-19 crisis, the world gorged on infographics of infection data from Johns Hopkins University. But in the vortex of the coronavirus maelstrom, we learned that even in the age of big data and machine learning, we live in squalid poverty when it comes to data concerning many essential questions. In his newest book, award-winning author Thomas Ramge examines one of the most crucial tech-questions of our times: How can human beings use artificial intelligence intelligently? The book makes a rigid assessment, what machine learning systems are able to do; and why their capabilities are more limited than tech pundits claim, when they lack the data they need. Conversely, the book paints an optimistic scenario for a data-rich future, where we use AI as a progressive tool for augmenting well-being for all not only by fighting pandemics, but by improving decision-making, fostering education and fueling democracy. Ramge calls this vision postdigital.

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