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Professional Presentation Skills (A Handbook & Quick Reference Guide)

Gerard Assey
pubblicato da GERARD ASSEY

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The best of skills and competency levels will not help if one is unable to present or communicate effectively.

In recent studies conducted in organizations, it was established that more than 60% of an executive's time was spent in communicating and presenting ideas, and in the case of top-level executives, it even exceeded 80% of the daily working time.

One may have great knowledge of their field, excellent skills and enormous potential, but the world will know about these only if one can properly present themselves along with the qualities they have. The most successful employees are the ones who can communicate well. People with effective presentation skills know how to speak with confidence, conveying information in a clear, crisp and concise manner.

Business leaders are often expected to present new ideas, new developments, new innovations, company policies and changes to staff, clients, partners, or even the public. Lots of money, time, planning, efforts and pressure can go into these presentations. Therefore organizations are constantly on the lookout for such ones who have strong presentation skills to take the lead on these kinds of projects. People who possess these skills will be more likely to get noticed by their superiors and climb their way up the corporate ladder faster. So whether you are a high-level manager or just an assistant, developing your presentation skills is one sure way to climb up the corporate ladder.

Being a good presenter contributes a lot to individual growth, especially for those in the field of sales and marketing. This is because your presentation skills can help play a vital role in how well you are able to convince your audience. Further, being a good communicator gives you a chance to connect with people, thus enabling you to easily convey your ideas in the meeting room. And most times, it's your presentation that can actually help bag projects. For businessmen and entrepreneurs, a powerful presentation can mean funding for their startup or convincing stakeholders. For employees and freelancers, a great presentation means retaining a client or securing a new project. But many people think of presentation skills as only the delivery part. However, creating a great presentation requires much more than just public speaking skills. Being able to create and deliver a great presentation is something that most people need to know as it's an important way to express ideas and persuade audiences. One example is the understanding of your audience, which is an important trait of a good presenter. You need to be able to research properly, structure your ideas, write the presentation in an orderly flow, add visuals and design elements, and then only you get to present it.

Presentation skills are therefore most vital for individual growth as well as the success of an organization on the whole and this book: "Professional Presentation Skills- A Handbook & Quick Reference Guide" will help you do just that, covering all that you would need to prepare and deliver an impactful presentation. You will find that the book has been laid out in a very unique manner, under 20 headings each beginning with a 'P' to help equip you or your team with the best of skills to mark your presence and help you move forward and upward, to keep soaring high!

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Professional Presentation Skills (A Handbook & Quick Reference Guide)

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