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Professor Oscar McShaggytail and the Mystical Waters of Utopia

John Woodward
pubblicato da Austin Macauley Publishers

Prezzo online:

Follow Oscar McShaggytail, Barnabas Grump and their young team as they begin their exciting adventure to find the Mystical Waters of Utopia. They need the waters to fuel KITTI, their recently invented time machine. Oscar is an idealist and wants to use the time machine to visit great minds from both past and present. He hopes to seek their knowledge and advice, and potentially overcome many of today's big social and environmental issues. Basically, he wants to save the planet.
His brilliant young team includes the talented and beautiful Lucy de Pussy, the nervous Jack Snapper and the minder of the team, Billy (Bud) McClaw. Add to that, Felix Fawkes, their enigmatic and sophisticated guide, and later Midge Munroe, you have a collection of interesting characters with diverse personalities. The story follows Oscar and his team to the ancient castle of Elantfia where the Waters are supposedly hidden. Unknown to Oscar, he is pursued by a gang of villains who want the Waters of Utopia for a much more sinister purpose. The villains are led by the evil Red Rod Rodentsky and the sinister Doctor Slimella DeHissifit. All the action takes place in Elantfia Castle, and apart from the villains causing havoc, there is also a couple of spooky ghostly characters thrown in for good measure.
Can Oscar and the gang escape with the Mystical Waters or will Red Rod and his cronies spoil the day and steal the waters from their very grasp?
The story is light and upbeat with a fair wallop of humour and adventure. There is also added emotion and sentiment which helps make it a much more rounded, poignant tale. The author hopes you enjoy it.


Generi Non definito

Editore Austin Macauley Publishers

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 26/02/2021

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781528961912

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Professor Oscar McShaggytail and the Mystical Waters of Utopia

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