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If you had to read only ONE book to help you live a less anxious, more calm and healthy life, Proven Steps To A Calmer, Happier, Healthier You, is the book, as it contains ALL the practical/mindset steps to feel calm, happy and healthy. You will understand: The simple things in your life that cause you to overproduce stress hormones. How most of us are overproducing stress hormones 75% of the day! (and the damage they do) The foods to eat to reduce your stress hormones, keep your blood sugar stable and lose weight if you need to. A Fun 5 minute visualisation technique to lose weight, reduce your stress and improve your health. The power of saying No, so you don't burn out. The easy way to meditate like a Monk and the amazing health benefits, like looking up to 25 years younger! Pick and chose from a lovely range of tailor made visualisations/affirmations, which were holistically designed to help you lose weight, reduce stress, and improve your health. Hear the latest advice on how to sleep soundly, stay connected to your friends and family and practise mindfulness. If you take on too much, have trouble saying no, and as a result feel frequently stressed, then this book is for YOU. I promise you will start to value yourself more, make yourself a priority and make the BIG and Small changes to reduce your stress and enjoy great health. "There is a clear relationship between experiencing chronic stress and the onset of disease." Dr. Sandra Cabot (Foreword) How is this book different to any other book on stress? This book devotes only a few pages to explaining the impact of stress and the rest is devoted to practical/mindset strategies, that will help you. Why I am the best person to write this? Over the last decade I transformed myself from an anxious, stressed person, who rushed around trying to fit too much into my day, to a calm, happy and healthy person, who knows her own self worth, has boundaries and can easily say NO. If you are not getting the results in your life you think you should be, stress is probably the reason. You could be ticking all the boxes, eating the right foods, meditating and excising, but still feeling stressed, that was me, so I know! To really change you need to change your behaviour patterns, and I will show you how with a simple, quick visualisation technique. I have now devoted my life to educating people on reducing stress, and am now a certified HeartMath Coach and Trainer, HeartMath have the only scientifically validated stress intervention system, that is used by thousands world wide to reduce stress, relieve pain, defeat depression and improve energy. If you are ready to make your health and happiness a priority, this book will show you how. SCROLL UP and BUY to learn the steps to a calmer, happier, healthier you!


Generi Salute Benessere Self Help » Self Help

Editore Bookbaby

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 20/07/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781098312114

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Proven Steps to a Calmer, Happier, Healthier You

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