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Psychological Aspects of Functioning, Disability, and Health

David Peterson - PhD - CRC - NCC
pubblicato da Springer Publishing Company

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"This represents the first textbook explicitly to join interpretation of the ICF with that of DSM-IV-TR in clinical cases. In fact, Professor Petersonís book reads as though it were a helpful crosswalk between the Classification and the DSM, which is innovative."--ICF Newsletter

"Peterson isÖthe most qualified individual in the field of rehabilitation counseling and rehabilitation psychology to write this text...He thoroughly understands the ICF as a model with great utility for the field of rehabilitation counseling."

--David A. Rosenthal, PhD, CRC
Chairperson, Department of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education
University of Wisconsin-Madison

"This proposed text has significance for assisting in the needed universal conceptual framework for improving public policy and service delivery systems for individuals with mental health-related issues."

--Susanne Bruyere, PhD
Cornell University

This textbook focuses on psychopathology as classified in the DSM-IV-TR, and discusses how it can be integrated into the ICF to assist mental health professionals while diagnosing and treating people with mental disorders. A perfect reference for students, the book serves as a natural bridge between the DSM-IV-TR and the ICF.

Students will learn the utility of using the ICF's biopsychosocial approach for conceptualizing mental health functioning (body functions and structures), disability (activity limitations and participation restrictions), and contextual factors (environmental and personal factors). The ICF's collaborative approach presents students with a conceptual framework that guides the selection of appropriate interventions and informs the evaluation of treatment efficacy.

Key Features:

  • Develops knowledge and understanding of mental health functioning and disability based on the ICF and related diagnoses within the DSM-IV-TR
  • Applies the ICF conceptual framework to planning mental health assessment and related interventions, and evaluating treatment outcomes
  • Integrates diagnostic information from the DSM-IV-TR with the ICF's classification of functioning, disability, and health


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Psychological Aspects of Functioning, Disability, and Health

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