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Public Art in Chicago

Chicago Tribune Staff
pubblicato da Agate Digital

Prezzo online:

Public Art in Chicago collects writings published in the Chicago Tribune about more than 40 of Chicago's most famous and memorable installations of public art: sculptures, statues, fountains, mosaics, murals, and more. The articles included here were published between 1887 and the present and include original commentaries published when these artworks were first installed as well as retrospective appreciations of how they have been received over time.

Some of the works discussed here were temporary and are no longer on display. Some are prominentthe Picasso, for exampleand others are lesser-known treasures tucked away in hidden corners of the city. The stories told by the articles selected for this edition are not complete histories of the artworks. The articles offer historical and retrospective snapshots of artworks that have become cherishedand infamousmarkers in Chicago's urban landscape. Taken collectively, these articles provide a partial testimony of Chicago's commitment to public art and to its citizens' thoughtful engagement with it.

Each artwork is introduced with a title, year of installation, artist name, and a descriptive location of where the artwork is located within the city. Readers will find article headlines, publication dates and bylines, when the original article ran with one, below this general information. Covering a broad range of artistic periods and containing a wide variety of perspectives, Public Art in Chicago is a unique and educational guide for any Chicagoan or visitor with artistic curiosity.

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Public Art in Chicago

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