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Queer Psychology
Queer Psychology

Queer Psychology

pubblicato da Springer International Publishing

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Queer Psychology is the first comprehensive book to examine the current state of LGBTQ communities and psychology, through the lenses of both queer theory and Intersectionality theory. Thus, the book describes the experiences of LGBTQ people broadly, while also highlighting the voices of LGBTQ people of color, transgender and gender nonconforming people, those of religious minority groups, immigrants, people with disabilities, and other historically marginalized groups. Each chapter will include an intersectional case example, as well as implications for policy and practice.

This book is especially important as there has been an increase in psychology and counseling courses focusing on LGBTQ communities; however, students often learn about LGBTQ-related issues through a White cisgender male normative perspective. The edited volume contains the contributions of leading scholars in LGBTQ psychology, and covers a number of concepts ranging from identity development to discrimination to health.

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Queer Psychology

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