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Previously published as "Guns Blazing."

Ever wonder what happened to Lloyd Ledbetter once Larson Blackburn kicked him to the curb? Are you curious as to whether this gorgeous submissive found his own HEA?

Well, it's time to find out! This is Lloyd's story - and, well, it's Luke Gunner's story as well. You don't have to read Blacklisted in order to enjoy Lloyd and Luke's story - but of course, if you want to . . .


My name is Lloyd Ledbetter and I am the best lawyer New York criminals can buy. My obsession to detail is their saving grace. I'm focused, determined and one ┬Čtrack minded. Nursing my broken heart for the last few months, I've stayed away from anything that could resemble a relationship.

Until Luke Gunner.

My name is Luke Gunner and I'm the best money launderer criminals can buy. With an IQ reaching the status of genius, I can practically make money without breaking a sweat. I'm fun, independent and a lover of life. Settling down was never a priority especially when I had so many options laid out in front of me.

Until Lloyd Ledbetter.

Adult Content. 18+


Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Romanzi contemporanei

Editore Smith & Lenoir

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 14/11/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230001003550

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