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Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places

Brad Steiger
pubblicato da Visible Ink Press

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A frightening collection of true ghost stories, which will turn skeptics and nonbelievers into people who sleep with one eye open!

Ancient philosophers suggested that the appearance of spirits is evidence that we are part of a larger community of intelligences, a universe of interrelated species, both physical and nonphysical. Master ghost hunter and best-selling author Brad Steiger invites you to join him as he explores the many dark and nightmarish pathways leading to this shadowy world of spirits and hauntings. Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places is the defining work on spirit phenomena. It is a comprehensive classification of the spirit world touching on every possibility from time travel to parallel universes, presenting the full range of ghostly manifestations and haunted locations. A major work sure to be heralded by paranormal enthusiasts (whatever their corporeal state).

Do you know the difference between poltergeists and spirits of the dead? The differences between spirits residue, spirit parasites and spirit masqueraders? With its 30 topical chapters, Real Ghosts, covers those differences and many more:

Spirits Seen at Death Beds and Funerals

Haunted Churches, Cemeteries, and Burial Grounds

Phantoms on Roads and Highways

Battlefields Where Phantom Armies Eternally Wage War

Speaking to Spirits: The Mystery of Mediumship

Animal GhostsDomesticated and Wild

Spirit Parasites That Possessed

Apparitions of Religious Figures

Haunted Hotels, Motels, and Inns

Did you know that ghosts still haunt Ohio's State Reformatory, otherwise known as Shawshank? Or that the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is home to some of the most famous ghosts in the world? With Real Ghosts, you'll discover that Abe Lincoln regularly consulted "spooks" and mediums, Rudolph Valentino haunts his old mansion, and the ghosts of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, Katharine Howard, Jane Seymour, Elizabeth I, and King George III all still haunt some of England's most famous castles. You'll also learn how to perform a cleansing ritual to rid your home of unwanted spectral visitors.

More than a collection of true ghost stories, this book plunks you square into the middle of the eerie action with captivating stories that would be at home at any midnight campfire. The only difference is these stories aren't urban legends employing hooks, needles, or long, metal fingernails for their scare. These stories exist outside of the mind and live right next door to every one of us. Real Ghosts shouldn't be read when you are home alone and the lights begin to flicker!


Generi Salute Benessere Self Help » Mente, corpo, spirito

Editore Visible Ink Press

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 26/09/2012

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781578594221

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Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places

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