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Retail The Second-Oldest Profession

Flora Delaney
pubblicato da Waterford & Howell Publishing

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Flora Delaney, retail expert and consultant helps retailers across the globe fix their operations. And she says retail success comes from just 7 Timeless Principles.

Each chapter dives into real-world examples of how stores capture our wallets and create lasting habits with their shoppers. Over 70 topics within the book include a "WIN Today" section that gives store owners, managers and employees specific things they can do re-focus on what really matters.

If you are struggling If you feel as if you and your team are working hard but you are not getting the results you want, you will find specific things you can do today to WIN in retail. WIN Today elements act like a retail coach urging you to take steps to improve your retail business.This book helps every retailer and small business owner focus on what really matters.

This book is for you if you:
Own your own retail business and wear many hats
Manage a team that is always busy but is not achieving the results you want
Aspire to a career in retail and want to understand how it all fits together
Need help developing inexperienced managers and new hires to succeed quickly
Feel overwhelmed with multiple priorities in your retail operation
Are a vendor who wants to be a better partner to your retail customers.

Like Good to Great and The One Minute Manager, store leaders across every channel are sure to turn to this essential book again and again to answer questions and solve problems. Flora's optimism, easy-to-understand approach and humor energizes senior managers, business owners and casual staff members to make changes to improve their store.

"It is what has been needed in the retail world: A real world guide based on real experience!"

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Retail The Second-Oldest Profession

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