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Rock Mechanics and Engineering

Helin Fu - Jiajun Fu - Wei Chen
pubblicato da Elsevier Science

Prezzo online:

Rock Mechanics and Engineering: Prediction and Control of Landslides and Geological Disasters presents the state-of-the-art in monitoring and forecasting geotechnical hazards during the survey and design, construction, and operation of a railway. This volume offers the latest research and practical knowledge on the regularity of disaster-causing activities, and the monitoring and forecasting of rockfalls, landslides, and debris flow induced by rainfall and human activity. The book gives guidance on how to optimize railway design, prevent and control measures during construction, and geological hazard remediation. The book also advises engineers on how to achieve traffic safety on high-speed railways.

Eleven chapters present best practices in the prediction and control of landslides and rockfalls in geological disasters, derived from years of geotechnical engineering research and practice on high-speed railways in China. High-speed railways bring characteristic geotechnical challenges including a complete maintenance system, a long railway line, and the subjection of the geological body to cyclic loads. Since the damage to the geological body is influenced by fatigue as well as rock and soil strength and hydrology, the study of geotechnical hazards to high-speed rail is very complex. Monitoring and predicting such hazards on high-speed railways is a significant challenge to their safe construction and operation.

  • Presents the latest technical achievement and development trends in landslide and rockfall forecasting
  • Considers the challenges of high-speed railways to the prediction and control of geotechnical hazards
  • Gives both in-situ and laboratory tests for rockfalls, and considers the collapse process of rock slopes
  • Describes the principles of slope monitoring with specific reference to high-speed rail
  • Details an automatic monitoring system for geotechnical hazards to high-speed rail

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Rock Mechanics and Engineering

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