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Reharmonization Kit 1 Level 4:  Circle of 5ths - ii7  vi7  iii7

  • If ever you want to play by ear, this is the course you must take!
  • You are going to learn how to dynamically use the Circle of 5ths to harmonize a song.
  • Do you ever wonder how** jazzy chord progressions** are used in popular and standard songs? Find out their secrets in this course!
  • I will show you how to **predict chord progressions **using the Circle.
  • You will learn how to harmonize Away In A Manger at an advanced level using the 7th Chords in the CIrcle of 5ths.
  • You will learn play smooth chord voicing when using the jazzy chord progression 3-6-2-5-1 for the ending of songs!

Here's the Secret: In this course, I am going to show you something so unique that you will never find in music store, books or on the internet. You are going to create your own DIY Circle of 5ths to learn how to dynamically use the Circle of 5ths. You don't need years of music theory to do beautiful chord progressions at an advanced level.

We will cover the following topics as we apply to the song Away In A Manger:

  1. Circle of 5ths Music Theory

  2. Using the Circle of 5ths to add in minor7 Chords & Chord substitutions

  3. Circle Theory 1: 12 Unique Tones

  4. Circle Theory 2: Identifying Basic Chords - I IV V7

  5. Circle Theory 3: 7th Chords - ii7, iii7, vi7, V7

  6. Circle Theory 4: 7 Diatonic Chords at one glance

  7. Circle Theory 5: Counter clockwise movement to Home Key

  8. Circle Theory 6: Predict 3 Jazzy sounding chord progressions

  9. Circle Theory 7: Predict 2 - 5 - 1 chord progression (ii7 V7 I)

  10. Circle Theory 8: Predict 6 - 2 - 5 - 1 chord progression (vi7 ii7 V7 I)

  11. Circle Theory 9: Predict 3 - 6 - 2 - 5 - 1 chord progression (iii7 vi7 ii7 V7 I)

  12. Listen to the jazzy sounds of these chord progressions

  13. Song Application: Away In A Manger

  14. Step 1: ii7 V7 I

  15. Step 2: vi7 ii7 V7 I

  16. Step 3: iii7 vi7 ii7 V7 I

  17. Step 4: Combining Level 3 to Level 4

  18. Circle Theory 10: Circle of 5ths cannot do all minor 7 chord substitutions

  19. Smooth Chord Progression Ending: Em7 to Am7 To Dm7 to G7


**Piano Secret Tip 1: **DIY Circle of 5ths - Magic Circle to Move

Piano Secret Tip 2: Know WHEN you cannot substitute Em7 for C

Piano Secret Tip 3: 2 Finger Tricks to Smooth Chord Voicing for 3 6 2 5 1 Progression!

Join our happy class and let's have fun together,



Here is a review from one of my students in Reharm Level 2: Barbara

"I have lost track of how many courses I have taken with Rosa but my playing has improved and I am so excited to keep learning more & more with her. Each course goes deeper into what we need to know and makes playing beautiful music easier. Rosa has the God given gift of being a very gentle teacher. It's fun to learn with her and as you watch the videos it's almost as if she is in the room with you. If it is your goal to enjoy playing the piano let Rosa help you reach that goal. Thanks Rosa, we appreciate you."


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