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One of the wonderful experiences of my Waldorf teacher training was reading Rudolf Steiner's Fifth Gospel transcripts, with a group of friends, aloud, round-robin style, in a comfy living room. We read a chapter each night over the 12 Days of Christmas. If you've done this, you may also have felt the pull to draw closer to this material. I certainly did.

Dr. Steiner's aim was to update the biography of Jesus of Nazareth in light of the expanded intellectual understanding of karma and reincarnation that had been accomplished since 1880. Further, the imaginative capacity of humankind and ability to process metaphor, demonstrated by Depth Psychology and Carl Jung made possible this portrait of Jesus of Nazareth and what he transformed into. RS's Fifth Gospel remains the most psychologically astute portrait this author is aware of.

If you respond to this book, the rest of Emil Bock's books are your best bet.

Topics include:

Inner experience of the disciples at Pentecost.
The two Jesus children, tradition of and evidence for.
Contribution of the Buddha to the Luke Jesus child.
The shepherds see the astral body of Buddha.

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Rudolf Steiner

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