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40 authors from around the world set out to record their innermost feelings-- to offer inspiring, heartfelt, creative takes on the Covid-19 pandemic. Crime fiction, elegant and angry poetry, and gut-wrenching personal essays: all paint a picture of the year and help us make sense of the sacrifices we've made in 2020.

Thank you for your generous support: all profits donated to charity.

A brainchild of editor Lise McClendon, the anthology was shepherded by her with her co-editors Taffy Cannon, Kate Flora, and Gary Phillips to bear witness to the events taking place all around us, and especially within us, as we grapple with disease, isolation, death, and, yes, a healthy dose of chaos.

Some writers chose to mine their own psyches and experiences, whether the challenges of life in lockdown or their struggles with productivity and focus. Others felt called to wry, dark fiction or poetry. Across the globe the reactions portray a similar anger, pain, and struggle from writers from the US, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Northern Ireland, Spain, Italy, and Romania.

Our lives have been forever changed by these times. Whether a chance encounter with a mural on a utility box, to the lockdown in New York City and dystopian fiction, these writers never stopped imagining and exploring their worlds. Stuck at home, watching the news in horror, helping others: these writers' imaginations kept clicking right along (although their productivity sometimes took a hit.)

As mystery writers the editors found many of their fellow crime writers willing to contribute, as was the well-known Romanian journalist and writer George Arion, true crime writer Caitlin Rother, German mystery writer Tatjana Kruse, thriller writer Robin Burcell, travel writer Tim Cahill, and many more.

Poetry by 92nd St. Y Literature Director Wendy Salinger, Irish poet Paul Jeffcutt, haiku poet Z.J. Czupor, and crime writers Jim Nisbet, Gerald So, and Keith Snyder adds its own special punch between essays and stories. Illustrations are included.

STOP THE WORLD Contributors:
George Arion
Meredith Blevins
Eoghan Egan
John Shepphird
Gary Phillips
Adriana Licio
Mike Monson
Merrilee Robson
John Clark
Piet Tiegeler
Travis Richardson
Richard Cass
Tim Cahill
Jody Jaffe
Caitlin Rother
Naomi Hirahara
Kate Flora
Donna Moore
Lise McClendon
Tatjana Kruse
Dan Fesperman
Tami Haaland
Taffy Cannon
Matt Coyle
Marian Stanley
John Rember
J. Madison Davis
Sarah M. Chen
Wendy Hornsby
Robin Burcell
Sharan Newman
Jacqui Brown
Craig Lancaster
Z.J. Czupor
Gerald So
Allen Morris Jones
Wendy Salinger
Jim Nisbet
Paul Jeffcutt
Keith Snyder


Generi Economia Diritto e Lavoro » Economia » Economia sanitaria , Romanzi e Letterature » Prosa letteraria , Salute Benessere Self Help » Self Help » Malattia

Editore Thalia Press

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 04/08/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230003987377

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STOP THE WORLD: Snapshots from a Pandemic

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