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This box set for the Sacred Knight series contains the first four novels and a companion novella in their suggested reading order.

Three books lost to time. Two friends in conflict. One chance to save the world.

Magic is returning to a land that has tried hard to forget it. The past is full of relentless ambition of power, lies, destruction, and death.

Steigan, the first knight in a thousand years to ride a unicorn, wants to demonstrate he's worthy of his position. After being sent out to track down murderous bandits, he encounters a lone woman in the forest and he gets drawn in by the ancient rites she chants. Her haunting words start him on his mission: find three magical books to save the world.

But when Steigan finds himself accused of treason, he must search the catacombs and the fallen kingdom of Lilinar to find the legendary books. Doing so forces him to discover the truth and the lies of a time history wishes to forget.

Included are:

Quest for the Three Books

Manifest the Magic

To Birth A Destiny

History of a Dead Man (the companion novella)

Prince of the Ruined Land

Coming soon: Legend #5 - The Missing Thread


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Sacred Knight

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