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The news is out! The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has been launched and announced to the public. The new invention was unveiled at the MWC2015. As expected the reaction from the public for the new product on the block known as Samsung S6 Edge sky rocketed! The Galaxy S6 EDGE features sturdy metal frame with Gorilla Glass 4 on both the front and back. This gives the phone a feeling of stability and durability. The Samsung S6 Edge is unique in its own way making it very irresistible to own one of Samsung's babies. The way the glass wraps around either side just gives it a very stunning look. As an additional creative feature for the `edge' is that, is now easy to see who is calling you when the phone is faced down. The phone can be programmed with up to five colors representing five different people in your contact list. The screen's EDGEs will glow their representing color when they call you.

The objective of this book is to help the users of the Galaxy S6 Edge to enjoy every moment of the phone, and also to become familiarized with the phone's features, as a result, helping the users of the S6 Edge to have a fun and memorable experience.  









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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Best Features Buyer

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