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Sarah Morgan Summer Collection

Sarah Morgan
pubblicato da Harlequin Mondadori

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Indulge with these irresistible and heart-warming summer romances by USA Today bestselling author Sarah Morgan!

Summer with Love Sarah Morgan

Featuring previously published titles The Spanish Consultant, The Greek Children's Doctor and The English Doctor's Baby.

Could this summer, with sun-soaked escapes to Seville, Greece and Cornwall help the Westerling triplets finally find the map to romance?

Practical Katy is on the verge of marrying a man she knows isn't The One. Until Spanish A&E consultant Jago Rodriguez walks back into her life!

Putting herself up for sale at a charity auction is simply to raise funds for her children's wardfree-spirited Libby's definitely not looking for romance! But her best laid plans go awry when cool, sexy Dr. Andreas Christakos makes the highest bid.

Paparazzi-magnet Alex might just be in over his head. A brilliant doctor, he's committed, dedicated and has a magical touch with his patients. He's also an aristocrat with a string of women lining up behind him That's until beautiful nurse Jenny Phillips turns up on his doorstep

Summer Fling Sarah Morgan

Featuring previously published titles A Bride for Glenmore and Single Father, Wife Needed.

Life in the sleepy island of Glenmore is filled with tranquil lazy days. Bliss! But this summer the gossip mill is running overtimelove is most definitely in the air

Kyla MacNeil, the heart of the Glenmore Island's community, is distractedthe new island doctor is gorgeous! Dr Ethan Walker sticks out on the picture-perfect island like a very handsome sore thumb. Can Kyla, and the tranquil island, capture his heart?

Poor Evanna Duncan has been infatuated with her boss, single father Dr. Logan MacNeil foreverbut to him she's just part of the furniture. But as she finally decides to move on with her life, Logan begins to see her in a completely different light

Summer Kisses Sarah Morgan

Featuring previously published titles The Rebel Doctor's Bride and Dare She Date the Dreamy Doc?

It's so difficult to be good with temptation on the doorstep. But rules are rules. Summer is sunshine. And, just maybe, a wish is a kiss that might just come true!

Flora's summer is simple: Avoid kissing Conner MacNeil. (He may be gorgeous, back in town and single... but he snogged everyone except you at school, remember?!)

Jenna's summer `Why I shouldn't fall in love with Dr Ryan McKinley' list is a little more complex...


Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Rosa » Romanzi contemporanei , Passione e Sentimenti » Romanzi rosa

Editore Harlequin Mondadori

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 24/06/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781488053528

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Sarah Morgan Summer Collection

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