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[vincible: a. capable of being overcome or subdued; conquered.]

Episode Two: Nika

Every story contains faces on the fringes. Those on the outside looking in. Observers who seem to have no power or influence. They're just along for the ride. Or are they?

They're people like Nika.

A kid stuck in the system, just like her three foster sisters. Nika suffers from a scandalized heart, one that saw too much too soon. She found a reasonable compensation, at least for a time, in the fantasy that she was a queen in search of her true realm.

Nika's sister Greye always had an unhealthy bent for sticking her nose where it didn't belong. Now Nika can finally see what it's costing her. The question is, will it cost them all? And if Nika is the good queen she imagines herself to be, how will she lead now that real life has become so threatening?

The blood of her murdered father does indeed cry out from the ground. She will be dragged kicking and screaming to the choice she never wanted to have to make: fantasy or reality. The one is deceptively delicious, the other seems to be too difficult to bear.

Will she choose to nurse the fantasy, or will she have the strength it takes to stay in the real world and fight for those she loves, even if she knows she can never win?

For Nika, the end might look nothing like the fairy tale she was hoping for.


Generi Fantasy Horror e Gothic » Horror e fantasmi per bambini e ragazzi » Fantasy per bambini e ragazzi , Bambini e Ragazzi » Narrativa » Horror e fantasmi » Fantasy e magia

Editore Stonehouse Ink

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 29/06/2015

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781624821394

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Season 1: The Vincibles: Episode 2: Nika

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