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Secret Valley, first published in 1939, is a classic old west novel of action, adventure and romance by Jackson Gregory (1882-1943), author of more than 40 western and detective novels. From the dust-jacket: Ross Haveril was the last of a clan of hard-fighting, quick-tempered men. Now, after years of prospecting in South America, he was returning to his home in Secret Valley. But Haveril didn't reckon on the changes that time brings. This was the West of lawless days, and things happened suddenly and without warning. That's why he didn't have much time to think when he faced his bitterest enemy, Tom Storm, in command of the valley. First he had to save his home and avenge Bob Roberts, who had died helping him. Then there was a gambler's beautiful daughter who was certainly worth fighting for, if anything is. Only Jackson Gregory could spin a yarn as lyric and breathless as Secret Valley. It's a lively tale of romance, of whirling action and flying bullets, written with an intimate knowledge of the West and its people.

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Secret Valley

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