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Self-Healing 101 Seven Experiments in Self-healing You Can Do at Home To Awaken the Inner Healer 2nd Edition

by Bruce Dickson
pubblicato da Bruce Dickson

A practical, timeless manual of language and exercises for self-healing. People can do much more self-healing than even recently thought. Self-heal methods exist at all skill levels. Wherever you are is a good place to start. You can start NOW.

Not everyone has a life appointment to be a health practitioner, seeing clients. However everyone has something to heal. If you practice using self-healing tools, at any skill level, you will improve.

Looking to go deeper into self-healing? Looking to deepen your practice of Energy Medicine? Are you teaching self-healing to others? Here are seven original experiential exercises cultivating:
- Self-acceptance, self-love,
- Prayers of self-protection,
- Self-sensitivity, safety, self-trust,
- Permission to try just one more experiment comfortable for you.

Most people begin their own Hero's Journey of self-healing by choosing a method that appeals or piques their curiosity. They perform simple, little experiments, at a rate and depth, of their own choosing.

Learn--then do just one more experiment. That's all there is to walking the Hero's Journey of self-healing.

Any attempt at self-healing is a "Yes," for self-development. This connects self-healing with Goethean Science, the science most allied with cell-level-intelligence. Any experiment where you intend to grow as a person, is both self-healing' and Goethean Science.

No penalty for failure, none at all. If you learn one thingthe experiment was a success. The only wrong way to experiment is--attempting nothing at all.

Self-healing experiments are by far the most-practiced Goethean Science activity today.

Ex. 1 ~ Ask for a Column of Light for yourself

Ex. 2 ~ Measure invisible things on a scale of 1-10

Ex. 3 ~ Find and use your Inner Thermometer
Experiments with your Inner Thermometer

Ex. 4 ~ Inner contracting~expanding as measuring tool
Navigating by the "seat of your pants"
Contract-expand as happy~unhappy
Inner testing
Contract~expand as a binary language
Expand~Contract as Liking~Disliking
Preferring is measuring
Liking~Disliking exercises

Ex. 5 ~ Asking the Light to go to others
Working "smart" not "hard" with Light

Ex. 6 ~ Your Symbol of Peace and how to use it
Five easy-common symbols of peace to choose from
How to use your symbol of peace9

Ex. 7 ~ First language lessons with your inner child: safety, trust, permission conversations with your immune-system-self.

Self-healing 101 exercises promote awareness of how your body responds to explicit questions. They
complement, augment and strengthen practice all modes of Energy Medicine:
- Touch for Health,
- Immunics,
- Theta Healing,
- BodyTalk,
- Emotion Code,
- Peace Theological Seminary Masters & Doctorate programs,
- Soul travel,
- etc.

Conventional medicine provides significant access to physical symptoms. Energy Medicine provides access to invisible energetic causes, for those looking for them.

Since 1990 the converging of multiple holistic techniques has produced the most effective access to unresolved issues yet seen on Earth. Psych-K, Donna Eden's Energy Medicine, EFT, Immunics, Theta Healing, and PTS Masters & Doctorate programs, all took off after this convergence.

Wonderful as this is, many students and lay persons still need a lower-slower more gentle "ramp" to experiment with the middle, transitional skill on the Energy Medicine Skill Ladder, self-muscle-testing. Self-healing 101 is a more compassionate and organic "ramp" of basicnot simplistic--exercises, to assist people towards energetic competency.

As a Waldorf-trained school teacher, the challenge of sequencing curriculum for Self-healing always interested me. Comments invited!
Author Bruce Dickson's most


Generi Salute Benessere Self Help » Self Help

Editore Bruce Dickson

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 18/02/2016

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781310185748

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Self-Healing 101 Seven Experiments in Self-healing You Can Do at Home To Awaken the Inner Healer 2nd Edition

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