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Septimius Severus in Scotland
Septimius Severus in Scotland

Septimius Severus in Scotland

by Simon Elliott
pubblicato da Greenhill Books

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Since 1975 much new archaeological evidence has come to light to illuminate the immense undertaking of Septimius Severus campaigns in Scotland, allowing for the first time the true story of this savage invasion to be told. In the early 3rd century Severus, the ageing Roman emperor, launched an immense shock and awe assault on Scotland that was so savage it resulted in eighty years of peace on Rome s most troublesome border. The book shows how his force of 50,000 troops, supported by the fleet, hacked their way through the Maeatae around the former Antonine Wall and then pressed on into Caledonian territory up to the Moray Firth. Severus was the first of the great reforming emperors of the Roman military, and his reforms are explained in the context of how he concentrated power around the imperial throne. There is also an in-depth look at the political, economic and social developments that occurred in the Province. This book is aimed at all who have an interest in both military and Roman history. It will particularly appeal to those who are keen to learn more about the narrative of Rome s military presence in Britain, and especially the great campaigns of which Severus assault on Scotland is the best example.

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Although Elliott's treatment is at times repetitive, and one could wish for more detail on the actual campaigns, perhaps a brief survey of archaeological remains from the war, Septimius Severus in Scotland is a valuable read for anyone with an interest Roman history. --StrategyPage He opens with a valuable introduction explaining terminology, sources, and usage. There follow chapters reviewing imperial institutions and political organization, the nature of the Roman armed forces in Septimius's time, and the history of Roman Britain.--The NYMAS Review


Generi Biographies » Historical, Political & Military , History » Ancient History & Civilisation » Military History

Editore Greenhill Books

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 07/03/2018

Pagine 206

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781784382049

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Septimius Severus in Scotland

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