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The 1980s-2000s was a time of great technological and social change in America, but it was also a time when monsters stalked the highways and byways of the country as well as, for the first time, the information super highway. If you love Criminal Minds, Unsolved Mysteries, True Crime, and true tales of horror more chilling than anything the imagination can conceive then *Serial Killers True Crime:Murder Stories Trilogy *is the book you have been waiting for.

Inside you will find 3 separate books containing a full graphic account of the exploits of monstrous individuals such as:

Harvey Miguel Robinson has the dubious honor of being one of the youngest serial killers in American history, being just 18 when he was arrested for the crimes he had committed. Robinson killed two women and a teenager, in addition to trying to kill a child and the woman that would ultimately lead to his capture. Robinson's murder spree was the inspiration for the movie No One Could Protect Her starring Joanna Kerns as intended victim Denise Sam-Cali.

Charles Edmund Cullen is a former nurse and the most prolific serial killer in the history of the East Coast, if not in all of American. He has confessed to killing more than 40 people during his time as a nurse, and subsequent interviews have indicated that the actual number could be far, far, greater as he cannot remember names but can remember specifics of the events. All told, experts believe he may have killed as many as 400 people.

Keith Hunter Jesperson killed at least 8 women during the early 90s and earned the moniker the Happy Face Killer from the smiley faces that he always included on his letters to the authorities as well as to the media. He typically targeted prostitutes as well as transients with no apparent rhyme or reason for the killings. He primarily killed his victims via strangulation, in much the same way he killed animals as a child. There was a movie made about his killing spree Happy Face Killer which premiered in 2014.

David Parker Ray, more commonly known as the Toy-Box Killer, is believed to have kidnapped, tortured and murdered more than 60 people near the New Mexico, Arizona border over several decades. Ray would keep his victims in a trailer known as his toy-box which was exceedingly well equipped for all manner of sexual torture and murder. He was convicted of torture and kidnapping in 2001 and died incarcerated the very next year before he had a chance to confess to the full nature of his crimes.

Inside you will learn all about the horrible life and times of

  • Jeffery Lionel Dahmer
  • Scott William Cox
  • Keith Hunter Jesperson
  • Orville Lynn Majors
  • Cleophus Price Jur.
  • David Parker Ray
  • John Edward Robinson
  • Michael Swango
  • And more

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Serial Killers True Crime: Murder Stories Trilogy

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