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Setting Out for Construction

Saffron Grant
pubblicato da Costello House Publishing

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Good setting out is not just about achieving the required accuracy, but getting the work done quickly, efficiently and professionally with all the paperwork in place.

Setting Out For Construction is a comprehensive practical handbook on the theory and practice of site surveying. Aimed at anyone who is studying site surveying as part of a civil engineering or construction related qualification as well as those who have been thrown in at the deep and end and need learn the principles and practices of setting out.

It covers all aspects of setting out on site including:

  • what do when you arrive at a new site,
  • how to set up control points from scratch,
  • accuracy and sources of error,
  • construction tolerances,
  • how to record your work correctly,
  • build in checks
  • methods for setting out different construction elements such as reinforced concrete slabs, foundations and steel columns.

Key Features:

  • All the relevant maths needed
  • Instructions for Leica, Topcon and Trimble equipment
  • Supporting theory and knowledge
  • Worked examples and booking examples
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Checklists and troubleshooting tips
  • Diagrams, tables and practical tips

The book is written in an easy to follow question and answer format enabling the reader to jump directly to the section they need. It really is the most useful and easy to follow book ever written about setting out.

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Setting Out for Construction

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