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Do you remember the first time you walked into an art gallery, and you were blown away by the breathtaking artworks hanging on the wall? You wondered who the genius was who conceived and put gave life to these paintings, and then he came out to address the room; you saw him, and you thought to yourself, I can do this too. You have been told that painting is hard; yes, it can be with a brush, strokes, and combining colors. This hurdle has been thrown out of the window as all you need to do now is pour your paint.

This book contains the foundation knowledge that you need to have as a beginner with Acrylic Painting. With your interest in getting some excellent piece of art done, you will get to learn about;

- What Acrylic Pouring truly is

- The mediums to use

- Materials that are best suited for this type of art

- Actions to take in Ensuring a Picture Perfect Acrylic Pouring,

- Techniques of combining Acrylic mediums

- How to combine the Pouring mediums and paint

- Surface types to be employed for Acrylic pouring.

With all you will get from this book, you don't need to look any further as you will be put through with the basic tips to getting started on being an Acrylic Pour painter.

The veil is lifted, and the time is now for your ideas and talent to shine through the Acrylic Pouring. GET this book TODAY

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Simple Acrylic Pouring Guide for Absolute Beginners

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