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Singing Electricity

Charlotte Stein
pubblicato da Charlotte Stein

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NOTE: The novellas in this book have been previously published, but have undergone edits prior to re-release.

Four steamy dystopian novellas rereleased in one fantastic collection.

Raw Heat

Serena has spent her entire life in the underground, hiding with the rest of humanity from the werewolf plague above. Then she begins taking care of Connora werewolf the humans have captured to experiment on, in the hopes of uncovering a cureand finds her entire belief system shaken.

Connor isn't a vicious animal, hell-bent on the destruction of the human race. He's kind, thoughtful, and above allabsolutely delicious. The feelings he's starting to inspire are sending Serena out of controllewd, filthy, glorious feelings, which could cost her job as a nurse. Not to mention her life.

Lust and love between a wolf and a human are strictly forbidden. But for Connor, Serena may be willing to break all the rules   

Almost Real

When Margot signs on to pose as one half of a married couple for the cloning company she works for, she doesn't expect her partner to interest her in the slightest. It's just a jobalbeit one that comes with a fake marriage. To an undeniably sexy fake husband.

Sergei is an immense stone fortress, cold and calm andworst of allso compelling Margot can hardly stand it. She's supposed to be protecting and maintaining the labs, but all she can think about is unearthing the man beneath the controlled façade and wrapping herself around him.

Even if the man she uncovers is far more than she ever bargained for.

Past Pleasures

No sex? No women?

When Kate agrees to a mad experiment with something as insane as time travel, she expects exactly what Professor Waites had suggested: dystopian nightmares and possible barbarians. So when she finds herself in a future where women no longer exist and the men have no idea what they've been missing, she can't seem to catch her breath. Especially when the men in question - the darkly handsome Tem, and his starkly beautiful companion Aley - are so curious and ready to learn everything she has to teach.

Including all the past pleasures they never knew existed.

The Horizon

When Quade swoops in to save his archenemy, Sol, from bloodthirsty Cybers, he doesn't expect to find himself almost torn apart, terrified beyond imagining and even worse - pumped full of some terrible drug that makes them both half-mad with lust.

Now they're trapped on Sol's tiny spaceship, and the tension between them is rising. Every argument threatens to spill over into passion, every glance and touch is agony.

Both of them know they can't resist for long.

Who would, when giving in feels this good?


Generi Non definito

Editore Charlotte Stein

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 19/06/2017

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781386068044

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Singing Electricity

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