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More Than 2,000 Successful Selling Pitches to Command Instant Attention and Buying Action

From the man who sold the sizzle instead of the steakwhose best-selling books have made history both in selling and in publishinghere are the many new practical applications of his magic formula that make people buy.

No matter what product or service you sellregardless of whether you sell over the counter, through salespeople on the road, direct, or through dealersyou will find Elmer Wheeler's "Sizzle Selling" methods readily adaptable for your specific needs.

This completely updated book is packed from cover to cover with scores of brilliant ideas that will show you how to discover the hidden "sizzle" in whatever you have to sell. Here you will find the actual "sizzles" that have produced phenomenal sales for scores of large and small organizations.

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Sizzlemanship: New Tested Selling Sentences

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