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Software Development Fundamentals

IntroBooks Team
pubblicato da IntroBooks

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Technology and its advancement have paved a way for the success of many different business companies and organizations. Many studies have been conducted, and it has been found that the businesses' that have a good online presence, have good online marketing strategies tend to have a better chance of revenue generation than those who lack the same.

Software development is defined as the process of writing and maintaining the source code and also includes the processes which are involved in the formulation of the desired software and the final display of the software in a planned or structured manner. A team of people holding expertise in them on the field of work is gathered to develop and manufacture the product.

Software development is a complex process and consists of several steps to reach the final step. Also, there are different models present on the software development life cycle functions. Each of these models works on a different principle, and the optimal model is chosen by the developer on the basis of how they want their product to be. It is not possible to develop software in a single go. It is tested again and again and is put out to use by the potential customers and their valuable feedback is taken. This feedbacks are then incorporated in the product along with adding appropriate features if required, and then are again presented to the customers and the same cycle continues until the customer finally likes and approves the product.

It is a known fact that the emergence of technology has been a boon to almost every industry. It has been found that the user spends most of their time on the phone while surfing through different apps. For a business company or organization, the customers are the most important thing in the world. If a business company does not have loyal customers, then the business entity holds no value. Software development acts as the medium of bridging the gap between the customers and the business enterprise.


Generi Informatica e Web » Linguaggi e Applicazioni » Programmazione e sviluppo del software

Editore Introbooks

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 15/09/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781393421726

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Software Development Fundamentals

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