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An isolated writer's conference. A brutal real-life murder. Way too many cocktails.

Can a mystery author and an ex-cop combine their powers of deduction to find the killer?

Turning forty has left much to be desired for mystery writer Christopher Holmes. After both his boyfriend and long-time publisher dump him, he worries his life is officially at the start of a steep decline. Stranded at a writing conference for the weekend, he never expected to bump into an old flame or stumble across a dead body in the woods.

Ex-cop JX Moriarity is soaking up all the newfound fame from his successful crime fiction. When the only bridge into the conference venue washes away to reveal a dead body, Moriarity falls back on old skills to secure and investigate the crime scene. But even his years of experience couldn't prepare him for the discovery of a second body: his irascible, but awfully cute ex-boyfriend Christopher. WAIT. ER, no, the corpse of Christopher's obnoxious editor.

With all fingers pointing to Holmes, Moriarity has no choice but to clear the name of the man who broke his heart. Can the ex-lovers solve the murders and rekindle their passion, or will a killer attendee write them out of their Happy Ever After for good?

Somebody Killed His Editor is the first book in the madcap Holmes & Moriarity romantic gay mystery series. If you like tongue-in-cheek humor, crazy twists and turns, and sizzling chemistry, then you'll love Josh Lanyon's kooky, quirky novel.

Buy Somebody Killed His Editor to storm into a classic murder mystery today!


Generi Hobby e Tempo libero » Umorismo » Libri per ridere e collezioni umoristiche

Editore Justjoshin Publishing, Inc.

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 03/01/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781937909895

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Somebody Killed His Editor

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