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In a world filled with conflict, controversy, and confusion, Soul of the Seasons brings us a timely message based on an ancient medicine that is urgently needed in our modern, fast-paced lives. Through centuries of observation the sages of Five Element theory, a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, taught that the outer landscape of the natural world reveals much about the nature of our inner landscapes.

Encoded within the five seasons of Spring, Summer, Harvest, Fall and Winter, lies a wisdom designed to create and support balance and harmony. The five fundamental elements of Five Element theory resonate in our bodies as the core emotions of Anger, Joy, Sympathy, Grief, and Fear. Like the working components of a fine clock they comprise an elegant system of continuous movement, growth, and transformation.

Weaving her deeply personal stories with Five Element wisdom, Melody A Scout teaches us that by developing intimate relationships with our core emotionsthe unique vibrations that connect us to both our bodies and the Earthwe can effectively adapt and respond to life's challenges. By developing a more intimate relationship with the seasons of life, we can learn to effectively: identify and correct our imbalances; develop greater compassion, integrity, and honesty; and to authentically and appropriately express our emotions in ways that support our highest good.

Soul of the Seasons offers the wisdom of a traditional model of health and harmony made current through practical and easily accessible language, soul-stirring exercises, and thoughtful questions.

Encoded within the seasons of the natural world is a wisdom that teaches that:

Spring is the time to remember our visions, to set healthy boundaries, and make quality decisions.
Summer brings us warmth and joy through community, communication, and connection.
Harvest provides a sweet satisfaction for an abundant life and the capacity to nurture and be nurtured.
Fall teaches us the importance of letting go and to value and respect what is most precious to us.
Winter reminds us that contemplation, reflection, and rest are essential in the germination of new visions.

About the Author

Melody is a 27-year practitioner and student of the healing arts. She also enjoys her work as author, teacher, speaker, plant medicine healer, and landscape designer and consultant.

Inspired by the book, Plant Spirit Medicine by Eliot Cowan, Melody completed the rigorous two-year training necessary to become a plant spirit healer. She found the practice, rooted in indigenous plant spirit healing and Five Element Acupuncture, to be a natural fit.

She has written the soon to be released book based on Five Element theory entitled Soul of the Seasons, due out April 2019. Through the template of the Earth's seasonal changes, Soul of the Seasons offers the reader a means in which to navigate life's always fascinating and sometimes challenging passages.


Generi Salute Benessere Self Help » Self Help

Editore Gatekeeper Press

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 03/11/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781642376289

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Soul of the Seasons

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