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Spanish for Beginners Pedro 1-25

Pedro Fernández Fanjul
pubblicato da Pedro Fernández Fanjul

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Speak Spanish! Communicate in this beautiful language from the very beginning! This is what I promise you will do with my help.

This eBook includes the first 25 printouts of my Podcast Spanish for Beginners Pedro. You may listen to the podcasts and follow each episode reading along in this eBook.

This course encourages you to ACTIVELY use the language from the first episode.

Each chapter contains a short grammar explanation, the necessary vocabulary and phrases from everyday life arranged in increasing complexity. Listening to the explanations and the authentic sample phrases, and repeating these phrases after me will help you learn conversational Spanish step by step. Each episode is followed by a set of exercises and keys to help you check your own progress.

How to use this book

If you really want to improve your Spanish, listen along and

  • repeat what the teacher says,
  • answer the questions the teacher asks,
  • translate the authentic phrases that you hear, and
  • do all the exercises that come with each chapter.

You do not need any previous knowledge. We begin with the greetings and we move forward at an easy pace through the different topics:

  • Greetings / Introducing oneself and others / Talking about family, age, physical characteristics, personality traits, health, sports, daily activities, and much more
  • Verbs in the following tenses: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Future and Present Perfect
  • Question words and basic connectors

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Spanish for Beginners Pedro 1-25

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