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Professor Dr Rosemary Sage
pubblicato da Legend Press

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As the world has rapidly changed, how do we best prepare young people for the future?
How do we adapt to the fact that children may now spend more time looking at a screen than engaging in actual conversation?

Speechless unpicks the political, economic and social issues surrounding education that pose challenges in schools, colleges and universities, as well as workplaces. These suggest that a different approach to learning, assessing, teaching and training is needed to develop relevant experiences that allow all students to achieve their potential.

Learners show a huge range of abilities and interests that they must share, with only a broad, varied, flexible curriculum satisfying their needs.

Heeding student voices and expecting them to pay attention to their teachers and each other is important in building respect for everyone, whatever their background. Sharing knowledge brings awareness of what you know and need to acquire. Speechless, with both facts and humour, makes a passionate case as to why teachers must talk with their students and not just to them.

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