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Spotify: The Streaming Machine

Music Marketing Rescue - Thomas Ferriere
pubblicato da Music Marketing Rescue

Prezzo online:

Spotify has paid more than $9.76 billion in royalties to artists since 2006! Learn how to get your share.

You no longer need a contract with a record label to break into the music business. Thanks to Spotify and other streaming services, you can deliver your music directly to the fans.

Spotify has over 286 million active monthly users and the number keeps growing. As one of the largest music streaming platforms, Spotify connects you to millions of potential fans just waiting to discover your tracks.

The platform also has more than 1.2 million artists trying to capture the attention of music lovers. To stand out and get people to stream your music, you need an effective strategy.

In this book, you'll learn how to grow your fan base and earn more money on Spotify. I'll teach you how to leverage the power of Spotify to get your music heard.

Complete Guide to Earning More Money on Spotify.

If you want to share your music with the world, streaming is the right move. Spotify offers one of the highest pay rates for each stream.

Before you can start earning royalties, you need people to discover and listen to your music, which is exactly what you'll discover in these pages. You'll learn:

  • How to succeed on Spotify and get paid for streams
  • Proven marketing strategies for growing your fan base
  • Paid advertising tactics for instantly gaining listeners
  • How to use Spotify analytics to finetune your strategies
  • Social media techniques for developing a fan funnel
  • Tips for getting your music on popular Spotify playlists
  • How to use Spotify promotion tools to gain fans

Find out what it takes to attract fans and keep them engaged. Discover the most common mistakes that artists make and how to avoid them. Stop wasting time searching the Internet for music promotion strategies. Everything that you need is in this guide to the massive streaming platform.

With a combination of good music and the right marketing methods, you can reach more music listeners and start earning income.

Why Should You Upload Music to Spotify?

You have a variety of ways to get your music heard but Spotify offers the most potential for earning money and gaining fans.

Spotify commands nearly 50% of the music streaming market. Stats also show that music streaming accounts for 78% of all music consumption. Digital sales and physical CD sales continue to decline while the streaming market grows.

Streaming has completely transformed the music industry. Independent artists and producers can promote their own music and start earning money without signing their lives over to a record company.

You don't need any previous marketing experience. Anyone can learn how to promote their music on Spotify. The real challenge is developing the right marketing strategy to cut through all the digital noise.

I'll give you the steps needed to break out on Spotify and capture more streams.

If you want to uncover the secret to success on the wildly popular streaming platform, order this book today. Start reading to learn how to build a solid streaming machine!

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Generi Economia Diritto e Lavoro » Studi di Settore » Industria dei media , Musica » Altri stili e generi » Tecniche di registrazione e riproduzione

Editore Music Marketing Rescue

Formato Ebook (senza DRM)

Pubblicato 27/07/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781393184195

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Spotify: The Streaming Machine

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