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Springsteen: A Notion Deep Inside

Greg Miller
pubblicato da Greg Miller

Prezzo online:

Everybody has a hungry heartand a Bruce story. At times comical, informative, and opinionated, author Greg Miller embarks on a casual jaunt through the timeline of Springsteen's early career. From the diverse perspectives of unusual encounters and interviews, the author observes the emerging career of rock 'n roll's premier entertainer and explains why he is The Boss. .
Spanning a career of 47 years, Bruce has logged more than 1,750 concerts to date. There are fans and there are superfans. Springsteen A Notion Deep Inside interviews the superfans, one who attended 795 Bruce concerts (including all 113 on The Darkness tour), and explains why his fans know him as The Boss. Meet a fan with a 25-foot Bruce man cave mural and a fan who grew up with the family and reveals the location of Greasy Lake and an educated guess of where The River flows, and another fan who explains the science of getting those impossible-to-obtain Bruce tickets.
While the author shares stories of fans he met in the Caribbean, Peru and Ireland, fans who wanted to share their Springsteen stories, as with nearly all things Bruce, the journey begins and ends in New Jersey.
For the uninitiated, The Shore is explained, top to bottom, Keyport to Cape May, Shoobies and BENNYs, Mt. Mitchell, The Upstairs, The Student Price, and The Stony Pony, Jenks to Jimmy Byrne'sthey're all in the book.
As a final observation, the author locates Bruce in the all-time rock 'n roll pantheon, and chisels his place on Rock's Mt. Rushmore.
The companion website lists every Springsteen concert (and shows cancelled), unique memorabilia, rock lists, never-before-seen concert photos, and suggests road trips and further reading to explain the origin of the darkness that seeped into Bruce's edge of town.

Table of Contents
Section 1 Hors d'oeuvreHow to use this book
Section 2-Everybody Has a Hungry Heart
The French West Indiesof all Places
The Boss Almost Played Loyola in 1972
The Best Seats to See Bruce Were Free
Memorabilia- A Piece of the Boss
Intimacy-You Talking To Me?
Section 3The PerformerNew Jersey Finds Its Pride in Springsteen
When The Boss Outranks the Chairman of the Board
The PayoffI'm On the Cover of Time and Newsweek
Getting tickets - Shut Out of the Meadowlands in 1984
A Hard Act to Follow
Growing UpVariations on a Theme
The VenuesThe Bottom Line
Section 4-His Music - More than Just an E Street Shuffle
Sparks Fly on E Street
Rock 'n roll Fusion
What Rock 'n roll Isn't
At Its Best Rock is Inspirational
Bruce's Music"Lapsed-Catholic" Rock
Why are Bruce's Songs So DarkConnecting the Shadows
Jersey Calling9/11
Section 5The Fans and the Super Fans Tramps Like Us
Philip "PJ" PetchersA Bruce Concert Veteran
The Joe Lamm Interview
The Man Cave of John Norjen
Jim Erdman-In a League of His Own
Will O'ConnorThe Professional FanA Local Hero
The B Street BandThe Replacements
How Long Can Bruce and the E Street Band Continue?
Section 6Backstreets
Bruce and his Politics
Making Rock 'n roll Lists
What to Take to the IslandRock 'n roll Lists
Being In the Conversation
Section 7Trying to write this book
ReferencesSources and Suggested Reading Materials
About the Author
Also By The Author
Road Trips to Consider
If eBooks Had a Back CoverThis Would Be It


Generi Musica » Pop e Rock

Editore Greg Miller

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 11/07/2016

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781311548535

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Springsteen: A Notion Deep Inside

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