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Spur, a Wolf's Story
Spur, a Wolf's Story

Spur, a Wolf's Story

Eliza Robertson
pubblicato da Greystone Books,Canada

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This captivating tale will inspire children across the world to build compassion for an iconic yet vulnerable animal. Stirring, gorgeous illustrations of wolves, snow, and trees illuminate this uplifting and empowering story, which offers a gentle message for protecting wild wolves in North America and beyond. Just like us, wolves have brothers, sisters, parents, and friends-and they very much need our help. In award-winning author Eliza Robertson's stunning debut children's book, a young, brave wolf named Spur is looking for food with her brother when, suddenly, a flying beast appears in the sky. What was that thing? And where did her brother go? The next time the helicopter appears, Spur knows just what to do to save her wolf pack and reunite with her brother.

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Aoyagi's illustrations effectively contrast harmonious shapes of the pristine natural world with jagged shapes in the illustrations of logged forest, log trucks, and [the] helicopter. A commendably effective and unvarnished presentation of wolf culling, for readers who are ready for it. -Kirkus Reviews Robertson effectively engages readers' emotions through empathy for Spur. -School Library Journal An evocative book. -Baby Librarians Evocative artwork of wolves in their natural habitats enhances this empowering story. -Omnilibros Eliza Robertson's debut children's book is a very touching one, but is also a creative and gentle approach to an important issue about protecting wild wolves. This book is a great way to showcase this to children and teach the importance of protecting animals' natural habitats. And Nora Aoyagi's beautiful illustrations of wintery landscapes and wolves are the perfect touch. -Bookalong There is a message about the impact of human activity on the wild wolves of North America, and a gentle urging for those creatures to be protected. -Book Riot


Generi Children » Personal & Social Issues » General Fiction » Animal Stories

Editore Greystone Books,canada

Formato Hardback

Pubblicato 30/04/2020

Pagine 32

Lingua Inglese

Isbn o codice id 9781771643412

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Spur, a Wolf

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