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Strange Stories of Colonial Days

Francis S. Drake
pubblicato da JW Publications

Prezzo online:

Timeless and historic, sixteen original stories from the colonies.

I THE CROWNING OF POWHATAN Adventures in Early Indian History By Francis S. Drake

II CORNELIS LABDEN'S LEAP A Legend of 1645 Retold By G. T. Ferris

III TOMMY TEN-CANOES A Tale of King Philip's Scouts By Hezekiah Butterworth

IV JONATHAN'S ESCAPE A Young Hero of Hadley who Fought at Turner's Falls in 1676 By Robert H. Fuller

V THE CROWN OF AN AMERICAN QUEEN In the Days of Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia By Sally Nelson Robins

VI HOW A BLACKSMITH'S BOY BECAME A KNIGHT The Treasure-hunt of William Phipps in the late Seventeenth Century By Paul Hull

VII THE GIRL CAPTAIN OF CASTLE DANGEROUS How Three Children Fought the Iroquois in 1692 By G. T. Lanigan

VIII HOW MARC WAS MADE CAPTAIN A Rescue from the "Lords of the Woods" in 1695 By Francis Sterne Palmer

IX CAPTAIN KIDD An Overrated Pirate By Rowan Stevens

X HOWARD THE BUCCANEER A Captain of Many Ships By Rowan Stevens

XI TEW, OF RHODE ISLAND A Fighter from the Seas By Rowan Stevens

XII THE VROUW VAN TWINKLE'S KRULLERS A Story of Old New York By Agnes Carr Sage

XIII THE SIGN OF THE SERPENT A Story of Louisiana in the Early Eighteenth Century By G. T. Ferris

XIV A DRUMMER OF WARBURTON'S How a Boy Held Fort George at Cape Canso, in 1757 By Percie W. Hart

XV ROGER'S RANGERS The Famous New Hampshire Scouts of the Old French War By Francis S. Drake

XVI THE PLOT OF PONTIAC How Detroit was Saved in 1763 By Francis S. Drake

These pictures of Colonial life and adventure make up a panorama which extends from Powhatan and John Smith, in the days of the Jamestown colony, to Pontiac's attempt upon Detroit in the period which preceded the Revolution. Here one may read stories which are strange indeed, of King Philip's War in New England, of a Dutch hero's exploit on the shores of Long Island Sound, of conflicts with the fierce Iroquois in the North, of a young New Englander's successful treasure-hunt, and of famous or infamous pirates of Colonial times. They carry the reader from a boy's defense of Fort George in Nova Scotia to battle against the Natchez at an advance post of the Louisiana colony. For the most part these thrilling tales are in the form of fiction, but it is fiction based upon historical incidents. The imaginative stories, and others which are historical narratives, will, it is believed, illustrate many unfamiliar dramas in Colonial life, and will help to give a clearer view of the men and boys who fought and endured to clear the way for us upon this continent.



Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Rosa » Romanzi contemporanei » Racconti e antologie letterarie

Editore Jw Publications

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 10/01/2016

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230000885843

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Strange Stories of Colonial Days

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