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Strap It On Bundle

Dominique Paige
pubblicato da Erotic Bundles

Prezzo online:

You can't see her through the mask, but you feel her prescense.

The soft click of high heels, pacing. Your stolen heart, racing. A gentle caress. Her degrading slap.

This three story erotic bundle contains:

Strap It On

This is the story of Paul as he is played with and dominated by his Mistress. He struggles to come to terms with his secret desires and new lifestyle, and how being degraded, humiliated and punished makes him feel so alive.

Obeying My Mistress

When Victoria starts to issue commands to Alex, he knows he can't do anything but obey. Victoria's will is too strong, her voice too commanding, her body too perfect to refuse any request she has.

Angelina's Sissy

When Mark is invited to Angelina's mansion, he knows that it's going to be one of the wildest experiences of his life. Little does he know just how far she is going to take things. Soon he finds himself struggling to hold onto his old identity as Angelina dominates him physically and mentally, with the help of her assistant Claire. He is humiliated, feminized, and dominated, and in the process learns to experience pleasure he never thought possible. This is a story of obsession, obedience, and raw emotion.


Generi Passione e Sentimenti » Chick lit e Rosa contemporanei , Romanzi e Letterature » Rosa

Editore Erotic Bundles

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 26/03/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 6610000254545

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Strap It On Bundle

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