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`Having had a stroke aged 37 years, Andy McCann has written this clear, easily readable account of his experiences, showing insight and the value of his learning along his personal journeyThis book would be invaluable for any health professional, including technicians and students, with any level of experience, to increase his or her knowledge and awareness of a patient's perspective, and would act as a useful departmental resource. Stroke survivors and carers would also benefit, particularly when needing to participate in a rehabilitation goal setting programme this book is educational and motivational, and has an excellent practical section which could be an inspirational read for professionals, patients and carers.'

-British Journal of Occupational Therapy

`Andy says `I hope that reading this book has proved to be an uplifting, interesting and at times educational experience.' It certainly was for me; I read it in 3 days, and at times could not put it down.' - The Acquirer (Acquired Brain Injury Newsletter)

`Andy McCann tells his own story of experiencing a sudden stroke at the age of 37. The book is both a personal story and a practical source of advice and information on the topic of stroke. Issues covered range from managing financial security and understanding medical terminology, to coming to terms with a new sense of vulnerability and dealing with the attitudes of friends and family. The book also offers advice on establishing a healthier and more balanced lifestyle in order to prevent strokes.' - Headway News

`It is an inspirational, yet offers practical information for anyone concerned with the stroke recovery journey. Andy's personal story is poignant and informative. He presents an informed understanding of the anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of stroke. The book explains clearly the effects of the stroke and prognosis. There is also a toolkit for recovery, prevention and a useful section on financial matters. It is a great read'. - Nursing Standards

`McCann, who was formerly a British physical education teacher until he suffered a cerebellar stroke at the age of 37, outlines the symptoms of brain damage as they relate to stroke in his own experience, and explains the anatomy of the brain and it's blood supply. The final section recommends medicines, physical activities, and nutrition for recovery and prevention' - Book News

`This is more than a persona guide to recovery after a stroke and more than a book about stroke. It is an extraordinary journey through a part of someone's life by an extraordinary person who not only sees himself as having survived a life changing illness, but someone who has gained from it. This book is a reminder of the fragility of life and all that we take for granted in our everyday lives and defines a way forward for those who find themselves in this, or similar circumstances and for those who want to enhance their knowledge of illness, prevention of illness and recoveryThis book should be essential reading for survivors and those close to them, for relevant professionals and for those wanting to extend their knowledge about strokes and other illnesses which impact on an individual's life course'.

-Brain Injury Social Work Group (BISWG)


At the age of 37 Andy McCann was physically fit, strong and in good health. Then, mid-way through instructing his weekly martial arts class, he experienced a stroke and was rushed to hospital. Until then, the word `stroke' had meant little to Andy, and in this book he recounts the many difficulties in learning to live with his new situation.

Funny, poignant and informative, the book is not just a personal story, but also offers a wealth of advice and information for anyone who wants to know more about strokes. He explores a broad range of issues experienced by stroke survivors, from the very practical considerations of managing financial security and understanding medica


Generi Salute Benessere Self Help » Self Help » Malattia , Scienza e Tecnica » Medicina

Editore Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 18/01/2006

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781846424724

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Stroke Survivor

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