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'Utterly uplifting, pure escapism - a perfect summer read' Trisha Ashley, bestselling authorBluebell Cliff Hotel is a place to make your dreams come true... Clara King is left in sole charge of a fabulous new clifftop hotel for the summer.
The owner has barely left the country when Clara realises that someone is hell-bent on putting the Bluebell Cliff Hotel out of business.
It becomes a race against time to hunt down the sneaky saboteur before they succeed in bringing the hotel to its knees.
With her dream job under threat and her personal life in chaos, Clara discovers that, when what you love the most is in danger, it can bring out the very best in you.

What readers are saying about Sunshine Over Bluebell Cliff:
'This book got everything absolutely right for me - an excellent light and heartwarming read, recommended to anyone who might enjoy a well-written escape from life's current realities.'

'This has got to be my favourite romance read of the year so far.'

'I absolutely adored this book'

'This is a book you don't want to miss. I devoured this book in one sitting and it's one I'll definitely be recommending my friends to read too!'

'Simply brilliant.'

'Uplifting, funny, romantic and charming.'

'The perfect escapist read.'

'A delightful romantic comedy!'

'I absolutely adored this book.'

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Sunshine Over Bluebell Cliff

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