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Blerdrotica I: Sweet, Sexy and Special Dark

is a delicious literary assortment of sweet, spicy, smart and sexy erotic tales written by or about members of the African diaspora, specially blended with your favorite genres for those who have an abiding taste for variety and for all things, chocolate.

"The Competition" by Penelope Flynn

Paula is on her way up the corporate ladder but finds her upward climb threatened by Jason, the new employee. When a security breach has them locked in the office overnight, Paula gets a lot more from the competition that she bargained for.

"A Sweet Save" by Andra Dill

Desi and Malik are a couple of empty-nesters who enjoy sci-fi and roleplay. But for this night Desi has something very hot and very sweet planned. Will Malik be ready for the fun?

"And So it Goes, 2.0" by Cranston Burney

A man from the future uses newly developed consciousness transporting technology to return to his college days to change his life by rewriting the course of his sexual history. But will it work?

"The Beckwith Affair" by James Goodridge

Cordelia Lovemilk has a lot to make up for. She is on the outs with her ex-partners and lovers the Cavendishes and to find her way back into their good graces (and their bedroom) she has to help solve a mystery that revolves around a sexy and pesky ghost.

"Nail on the Head" by R.A.S.

Superhero, The Hammer has hit a dry spell but she intends to put an end to that by looking up her quarrelsome superhero colleague, The Chain. Can these two combative personalities pause their bitter feuding to experience one night of bliss?

"The Game" by William Hayashi

Jessie loves a challenge. So when her mystery man stands in the shadows and reveals that he has been into her for years, she has to know who it is. But, she has to play his game to find out.

"Aura's Awakening (A Modern Erotic Fable)" by Valjeanne Jeffers

Aura is a reporter in the city of Solace in the year 2125. She is a competent professional woman of her time. But Aura has dreams... vivid and sultry dreams of a man, of magic and her destiny.

"Iced" by R.A.S.

On the heels of a heart-rending break-up Nova, a fire-powered superhero has to deal with an Ice-powered villain on Christmas eve. Hero versus Villain, Fire versus Ice. Do opposites really attract? On Christmas Eve in Philadelphia... things get steamy.

"Whispers in the Night" by Quinton Veal

Katherine's on a journey from New York CIty to anywhere. But she finds herself in Willowtown, a small community where she meets a kind older gentleman who invites her to stay in his stately home where things go bump and grind in the night.

"The Last Leg" by Penelope Flynn

George never expected to be a writer. But he never expected to be a paraplegic, either. When an embarassing encounter provides the opportunity to experience a night of carnal delights with the sexy librarian of his dreams, George is determined to pull off the perfect date night. But will his overpreparation prove to be an underwhelming disaster?


Generi Passione e Sentimenti » Letteratura erotica , Romanzi e Letterature » Erotica

Editore Blerdrotica 1 Media, Llc

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 14/02/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781393324317

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Sweet, Sexy and Special Dark

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