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HOWARD JUNO - Justin Case
pubblicato da Hume Mounatin-Isle Publishing

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Ten Tall Stories is a collection of wacky, yet sophisticated, 'Over the Top' Fiction that will have the reader wondering from which planet these co-authors have sprung! Howard Juno and Justin Case have threatened to write and release a sequel, TEN TALL STORIES 2, which has caused an air of panic in publishing circles and bingo halls alike.

Howard and Justin are like two kids in a lolly shop when they dive onto their computers and use their alphabetical knowhow to concoct some of the most bizarre and offbeat nonsense available to mankind!

These daringly silly tales spring from left and right, challenging one's grip on reality and stretching the boundaries of acceptable literary expression till the stretch-marks shriek from sheer uncomfortability.

The tales get taller and more incredulous as the reader is taken on an armchair journey that has him feeling for the armchair sides to periodically verify his `foothold' in time and space, his `assurance' that the world has indeed not collapsed in around him, `cocooning' him into submission...till he `agrees' that Juno and Case have a monopoly on madness that can never be assailed!

See for yourself...put on those glasses, take off that hat... and put those feet up on that soft cushy ottoman and prepare yourself for the unusual.

Is it Roald Dahl? Is it Monty Python? Neither! It's Juno and Case...the New World Disorder Giants of incomparable ABSURDITY, cruel absurdity that won't `give an inch', that causes a `self-embarrassment' as though you yourself had written this nonsense and were `out there' in a crowded marketplace, in your underpants, pitching it to the world!

Well rest easy, you are not to blame. Howard Juno and Justin Case take full responsibility...and thank God for that.

Exactly who of the Juno-Case consortium was going to be `accountable', answerable for each individual tale thiswas a hypersensitive subject matter that was `off the table' and a complete no-no in terms of its discussability.

Both however, claim to have written The Demon of Dustry Downs, as this `master-tale' has grown to become their most prized offering, their `tale of tales' and the cause of many a Mexican loaded-gun standoff!

Nevertheless, Howard Juno has put aside many a petty grievance, agreeing to work side by side with the `patheticly scrambled mind' of Justin Case for what may well become their literary `Swan Song', and `Last Hurrah'"Ten Tall Stories 2".

Ten Tall Stories is not for `everyone'not for newborn babes, not for the newly deceasedbut if you find yourself pigeonholed somewhere in-betweenthen you, my friend, owe it to your `comedy-deprived' selfto at least attempt a reading, a `first glance dare' as it wereIn fact, why not take the "JUNO CHALLENGE".an official `throwing down of the gauntlet,' by Howard Juno himself. Howard has `opened the doors' as he puts it, to all who are whateverenoughto see if they can keep their face from changingas they embark on his `Wild Tempest of Skewed and Pretzeled Words'and emerge..indifferent ..unchanged enough to `go about their daily lives,' in make believe that some of their grey matter neuron-thingos have not been disassembled and ricketated, ramshackled and .. superannuated..hell, some of them may have even been `Rumplified'.you can never truly know!

Muster the courage! Summon those rock-ribbed, death-or-glory, foible-vanquished, chink-shrunk, Mel Gibson Brave-Hearted, Adventure-Questing, near-dead hankerings .and just admit it.Your life needs this Boost of feel that vague repose return, that nebulous semblance of `adequacy'.that has somehow been extracted, systematically, painfully .sadistic-dentist style..from your quivering, subjugated existence!

Pick up that eReader, that paperback, that audio book, whichever is the nearerand dial up a smile and a world of enjoymentTen Tall Stories. Delve deep. Don'


Generi Hobby e Tempo libero » Umorismo » Libri per ridere e collezioni umoristiche , Romanzi e Letterature » Racconti e antologie letterarie

Editore Hume Mounatin-isle Publishing

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 24/09/2019

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230003435878

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