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Kimberly Owens
pubblicato da Kimberly Owens

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Th Dukn dt a hgh rtn, low rbhdrt tng ln dgnd b Prr Dukn, a former Frnh hn nd lf-rlmd nutrtnt. Al called th Dukn method, th diet is based n hw hunter-gatherers m hv tn.

Th dt nlud 100 foods, and ll r either proteins r vgtbl. A rn n eat muh they lk, as lng th nl t th 100 fd.

The Dukn diet h mn rul tht may mk it dffult t mntn, ll f thr r others n th huhld wh are nt following th dt.

Other problems nlud th fllwng:

Th initial wght l wll mnl b wtr, whh is temporary.

Lean protein, uh mt and fh, can be xnv.

Th rul r trt, so t can be hard t fllw lng trm.

Dukn Ckng Ideas

  1. U mn f th "100 llwd foods" ln rtn, ddng nn-trh vegetables on PV d.

  2. Ch tlrtd fd tm wisely because of their rbhdrt nd ft content.

  3. Cook without ft

4.Cuntrt th lk f ft wth a vrt of seasonings.

Attack Phase
Th Beef Skwr

1/2 u u

4 t plain r vinegar

2 t ttd m l

2 t fh u

2 tsp mirin

3 cloves grl, finely hd

2 tsp mnd peeled frh gngr

1 kt stevia

2 t rd r flk

Ju f 1 lime

1 pound ln sirloin steak, cut nt cubes

Steamed Cjun Shrimp

1 pound 26-30 unt hrm

1 u wtr

Ju of 1 lemon

1 tb Old Bay seasoning

1/2 tablespoon rk

1 tablespoons lr lt

1/2 tbln salt

1/2 tbln cayenne pepper

1/2 teaspoon ground gngr

1/2 tbsp garlic wdr

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Generi Gastronomia » Cucina salutista e per specifiche diete , Salute Benessere Self Help » Alimentazione e Diete

Editore Kimberly Owens

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 03/06/2023

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 1230006513795

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