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The True Cosmic Laws
By T. Lobsang Rampa

AGELESS WISDOM FROM THE LAMA Inside the cave, the young monk bowed respectfully. "I have come to you for instruction, Venerable One," he said to the old hermit in a low voice. In response, the hermit instructed the monk in true cosmic laws and in the universal order that governs nature and humankind. He told of deep, dark secrets which had been passed on to him by a mysterious "Higher Order" who have protected and guided humans since the dawn of creation. The old hermit told of a trip inside a "great metallic body" (a UFO perhaps) and of the visit to a vast cavern where he was surrounded by various beings: "Here were small men and women, seemingly perfect in every detail and of god-like mien, radiating an aura of purity and calm. Others were also man-like but with a curious, quite bird-like head complete with scales or feathers and with hands which, although human in shape, still had astounding scales and claws. Also there were the giants, immense creatures who loomed like statues, and over-shadowed their more diminutive companions." Though blind, the old hermit was handed an amazing "sight box" which enabled him to view scenes that had been hidden from humankind for centuries to protect them from unnecessary self-abuse and harm.

An excerpt from the book
A young monk had come to the cave of the old blind hermit, to learn something of his wisdom.

"When I was young," the hermit told him, "I had many painful experiences. I left our great city of Lhasa and wandered blind in the wilderness. Starving, ill, and unconscious, I was taken to a place - I know not where - and instructed in preparation for this day. When my knowledge has passed to you, my life's work is ended, and I can go in peace to the heavenly fields."

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Ordinally published (1971)
Republished (2019)


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