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Neville Goddard

Neville was a 20th century metaphysician and mystic who believed that our human imagination is God. In his books and lectures, Neville emphasized that what we feel and what we imagine will always manifest in our outer world.
"The Law & the Promise" includes numerous success stories which are genuinely inspiring. Chapter 7, titled "Moods," is especially good because it focuses on the importance of FEELING our desires into reality.
Neville didn't believe in an "outside" God. He disregarded the idea that Jesus was once a living human being who walked on earth and was crucified on a cross.
His message was simple but powerful---God lives within us and we activate God's power (the Christ consciousness) through the use of our imagination.
Neville said people pay too little attention to what he called "this priceless gift"---the Human Imagination---without realizing that our imagination is constantly creating our outside world.
He defined "the law" as our imagination in action, and "the promise" as the mystical moment when we completely realize and accept that we are God!
Neville is too esoteric for some "truth seekers" and many disagree with his belief that Jesus never existed in human form. But Neville was definitely on the cutting edge...way ahead of his time...and he's more popular now than ever.

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