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THE WONDER CLOCK - 24 Marvelous Stories for Children

Howard Pyle
pubblicato da Abela Publishing

Prezzo online:

It is rare indeed when a writer's original stories are regarded as masterpieces on a par with the great folkloristic fairy tales which have been handed down through the ages. However, Howard Pyle's absorbing tales have for generations enjoyed such overwhelming popularity with boys and girls that they have earned this unique distinction. This collection includes 24 of his most entertaining and imaginative works

In The Wonder Clock you will find a fairy tale for each hour of the day - 24 in all. A short verse introduces each fairy tale. In addition, you will also find the stories embellished by 122 full page pen and ink illustrations which will keep children and adults engaged for hours.
Also known as Four-and-Twenty Marvellous Tales were written by Howard Pyle and illustrated by his sister Katharine Pyle, an author and illustrator in her own right, penned and added the 24 poems which can be found at the start of every hour of the day.

We do suggest reading a tale-a-day at bedtime. Maybe you can stretch some of the longer tales over 2 days. This way you make the stories in this book last a whole month.
Included are tales:
I - Bearskin
II. - The Water of Life
III. - How One Turned his Trouble to Some Account
IV. - How Three Went out into the Wide World
V. - The Clever Student and the Master of Black Arts
VI. - The Princess Golden-Hair and the Great Black Raven
VII. - Cousin Greylegs, the Great Red Fox, and Grandfather Mole
VIII. - One Good Turn Deserves Another
IX. - The White Bird
X. - How the Good Gifts were Used by Two
XI. - How Boots Befooled the King
XII. - The Step-mother
XIII. - Master Jacob XIV. - Peterkin and the Little Grey Hare
XV. - Mother Hildegarde
XVI. - Which is Best
XVII. - The Simpleton and his Little Black Hen
XVIII. - The Swan Maiden
XIX. - The Three Little Pigs and the Ogre
XX. - The Staff and the Fiddle
XXI. - How the Princess's Pride was Broken
XXII. - How Two Went into Partnership
XXIII. - King Stork
XXIV. - The Best that Life has to Give

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Editore Abela Publishing

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 15/10/2020

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9791220208192

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THE WONDER CLOCK - 24 Marvelous Stories for Children

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