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Our world is a dynamic and fascinating place. Differing societies, economies and climates shape narratives and experiences wherever one can explore or visit. Past or present, the world is always evolving and creating new stories. But how would these tales change if, instead of humans, the world was populated by anthropomorphic creatures?

Take a world tour with eight stories written, selected and edited by members of the Furry Writers' Guild. Explore the hot and humid jungles of the Spice Islands or the frozen emptiness of Antarctica. Examine the cultural differences of being an immigrant in Germany compared to walking the streets of Portland as a local. Wherever you go, you'll still encounter kinships, wickedness, strange phenomena and people searching to belong. Come on an adventure or two.


She Who Eats by Frances Pauli
The White World by Dark End
Waterlogged by Madison Keller
Frost Bridge by Amethystos
Tempus Imperfectum by Al Song
Forgiveness Hex by George Squares
Vanillupus and Other People's Wits Take on the Inhospitable World by Slip Wolf
The Gaucho by CorgiW

Edited by Ocean Tigrox, Co-edited by Madison Keller, George Squares, and MikasiWolf, Cover art by Lando


Generi Romanzi e Letterature » Fantascienza

Editore Furplanet Productions

Formato Ebook con Adobe DRM

Pubblicato 02/08/2018

Lingua Inglese

EAN-13 9781614504375

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Tales from the Guild - World Tour

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